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Diet Care by Diksha is the perfect solution for successful weight loss programme

and other women related problems. Dietician Diksha has gained expertise in this field and holds Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition, Diploma in Weight Loss Management and Diploma in Vegan. The motto of Diet Care by Diksha is to

give you timely guidance to stay slim and healthy with the help of effective

diet programmes and diet charts.

Diet Care by Diksha

"Eat wise, drop a size"

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DIETICIAN Diksha speaks...

Fresh vegetables and even their juice can help cure several problmes. Let's take few examples:

DEPRESSION- carrot, apple, spinach, beet

MEMORY LOSS- pomegranate, beets, grapes 

NERVOUSNESS- carrot, celery, pomegranate


About us

Diet Care is a diet clinic in South Delhi being run by qualified expert and lifestyle consultant Diksha Pahuja. Our aim is to offer you diet management tips and we look forward to giving you a healthier life. With our range of services like weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, hair, skin and nails, to name a few, we strive to achieve the best results for you.


Besides giving you personalised face-to-face sessions at our clinic, we also provide timely support on call and cater to all your diet related queries online too. With our expert advice and professional guidance, we promise to deliver visible results in stipulated time.


Your health is our priority and seeing you fit as a fiddle will give us tremendous happiness. With our "Eat wise, drop a size" campaign, we hope to make a difference to each

one of your lives.    


With our expertise, we provide services related to the following:

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Weight Loss

Weight Gain








Lactose Intolerance

Gluten Intolerance

Hair, skin and nails



Radhika Batra, Paediatrician

Diksha’s diet is a daily part of life. I have lost 8kgs in 6 months. I look better, I feel better and most importantly, I fall sick less now and have more energy than I used to. The best part about the diet is its variety, new things to try everyday, which are immensely healthy as well. Thank you so much Diksha, you have really helped me bring my life around.

Mehak Madaan, Sales Manager, Motilal Oswal securities

I joined Diksha's Diet Program 4 months back and I have lost around 5-6 kgs. More than weight, I have lost inches. In my weight loss programme, I have discovered it's beyond only this- what to eat, how much to eat, timings, etc. giving me a perfect lifestyle and an overall change in my body. The diet plans have never made me feel that I am starving.

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Nikita, Chartered Accountant, Ernst & Young

I have lost around 9-10 kgs and a lot of inches in the 6 months of diet plan i have followed with Diksha so far. I feel good physically as well as mentally. The diets are doable and are totally customised according to your preferences and lifestyle. Everything given in the diet is easily available in stores and you don't need to go hunting. Thank you Diksha for this transformation!

Saaba Chandna, Creative Director, Mystical Music and Events

Diksha has been a great help in my weight loss. In a month she made me lose 5 kgs and made me feel good about myself. She’s very motivating and encouraging and more like a friend. Her diets are very filling and she doesn’t make you starve at all. Thanks a ton Diksha! 

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Harshi Sehgal, Housewife

Thank you for providing me a diet which helps me to develop strength in my body and lose weight. Diksha helped me to achieve my dream of a fitter body. She prescribed me a diet free of complications and side effects. Pain in my knees which was increasing with increasing weight, has also gone. All this wouldn't have been possible without Diksha. 

Saikat, Senior Associate- Communications, Paytm

I was 20 kgs overweight because of my massive appetite and bad lifestyle. Diksha has been guiding me towards a healthy lifestyle and diet with great advice. She is always available on the phone and on WhatsApp, and that’s great for a busy professional like me. Just one month with her and I feel great. I have lost 7 kgs already, and am determined to look the way I did.



Devyani Chawla, Psychologist at St. Marks School

Diksha's diet care changed all the misconceptions and myths I had about diet. I had thought it would be really difficult and I will have to starve myself but it turned out to be something totally different. The diet substituted all unhealthy items in my diet to healthy ones. Not just healthy but yummy too! Diksha has a great command on her field and really good knowledge. She will often surprise you with being so quick with her words and suggestions. Losing 6 kgs would have taken much longer without her. I have started respecting my body and all the good changes that have come in my hair and body.   

Shilpa Singhania

I have been suffering from weight gain problem since last six years after delivery of my baby. I tried yoga, gym, brisk walk and many other exercises to reduce weight but with zero results. I got hypothyroidism. The experience I got from dietician Diksha is tremendous. I lost around 5 kgs in 3 months earlier and joined her after a year again. The best part is I did not gain any weight after leaving also. The diets have no complexity, are flexible and always at par.

Namneet, Fashion Designer

Diksha always goes an extra mile to help her clients. She is very supportive and is always available for answering any doubts or queries. She is very punctual in sending me the meal plans and monitoring my progress. I have lost 9.5 kgs in just 4 months and have lost several inches. She has been giving me diet plans as per my preference and accomodates my travelling plans too.  

Rita Das, Teacher at Salwan Public School

It has been an immense pleasure being associated with Diksha Diet Care. She gives a healthy and balanced diet according to an individual's personality. She properly guides on days when I have to eat out or attend functions. She is very encouraging.  

Pankhuri M Sinha

Diksha has been of great help to me in losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. She took care of all my likes and dislikes before planning my diet. Thanks to her I look great now!​​​​​​​ 

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Pooja, Housewife

I am enjoying each and every day under Diksha's diet care plan. I do not feel hungry as I am eating all the time. The only difference is that earlier my meals were not healthy but Diksha replaced it with healthy options. Diet is no longer a burden for me.

Naina, Engineer

Diksha is one of the best dieticians in South Delhi. She looks at one's personal requirements before recommending the diet plan.

Rajlakshmi Iyer

It was a pleasure meeting Diksha. She gave me personalised diet plans. For me, losing 9 kgs in such a short period of time feels like magic to me. In the beginning, it wasn't easy for me to adapt to the diet. It takes time for the body and mind to understand and respond to the diet well. She took me through the steps and was even tough on me when I used to cheat on the diets. But the whole journey was extremely fruitful. 




(for morning)






Wheat grass


Barley grass

Physillum husk


Spinach powder

Broccoli powder



Abundant energy,  bloating, digestion, anxiety, depression/ brain health, muscle health, anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory, healthy heart, glowy / amazing skin, purifies liver.


Net weight- 150g



(for night)






Black pepper




Flax seed




Gut, reduced cholesterol, brain health, builds stamina, anti-oxidant, hormones balance, fat burn, healthy/ glowy/ amazing skin and hair.


Net weight- 150g

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